Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crap Teachers Do

Hey guys.  I'm back, and for fun, I thought I would do a non-political or religious post.  This is basically just things teachers do in high school that annoy me.

-I hate that they won't let you use your phone in class.  What if we actually need it?  We may need to call or text our parents in school but we can't because if we get caught with our phones out, they'll get taken away.  But, of course, if the teachers need to call or text someone, they'll just do it no matter what.  And then they expect us all to be okay with this.

-Why don't they let us eat food in class?  Some people don't get a chance to eat in the mornings, so they bring a granola bar, or pop tart or something to class.  The teachers then flip crap about how we we'll make this huge mess and it's not the janitor's job to clean up the messes (which it is).  But again, they just turn out to be hypocrites as they pull out their entire lunch and start eating it in class because the teachers are just so much more careful than us, right?  HYPOCRITE!

-I hate that sometimes they assign homework or projects over breaks.  Look, weekends are bad enough.  But on breaks some of us actually like to have fun and spend time with our families.  We actually do have lives believe it or not.  So if this is the kind of crap you're gonna pull, don't get mad when I don't turn in your oh-so-important project right on the dot.

-I hate the double standard regarding the bell.  If you show up late for class, they refuse to hear any excuses.  They just mark you tardy because the bell rang and they say they don't make the rules.  But then at the end of class, if the bell rings and they're still talking they say, "The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do!"  And then of course, you're late for your next class, and the cycle just keeps going.

-It makes me mad when they give tests on Mondays.  Reality check:  Nobody studies on weekends!

-Going back to the project issue, I don't like when they assign group projects outside of school.  Again, we do have lives.  And finding a time when we're all able to work at the same time is next to impossible.

-How about when they won't let you go to the bathroom?  "Is it an emergency?"  they ask.  If by emergency you mean will disaster ensue if I don't go, then maybe, yes. I just want to ask them "Is what you're teaching an emergency?  Will I die if I don't hear this?"  All I'm saying is, if you don't want a puddle on the floor, LET ME GO!

Those are just a few things I hate about teachers.  What do you hate?