Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mainstream Media....Liberal Media....Same Thing.

Okay, so, shortly before the last election, there was an ad on youtube (yes I am a heavy youtube user) that was encouraging everyone to vote in the election.  Now, I believe that alone is a very good thing.  As an American Conservative, I believe that everyone should take part in democracy in our country.  (And as soon as I'm old enough, I will, too.)

But this particular ad was saying things like, "Do you want to be the one to tell your friends they can't get married?  (It shows two gay men walking together.)  Or that women can't choose what they do with their bodies? (meaning abortion, of course)."  Hmm, gee, I wonder which party that ad was in favor of?

Is it just me or is the mainstream media very heavily biased in favor of the left?  Like how they went on and on about how "homophobic" Chick-Fil-A was, yet they refuse to show one pro-life add during the Super Bowl.  Or how theaters actually agreed to run Michael Moore's movies that were obviously full of propaganda and manipulated interviews.  You see, somewhere along the way, the media figured out that the majority of Americans really are dumb enough to believe what they see on TV.  (I think I just heard George Orwell's ghost saying, "Told you so.")  So, they can just say what they want everyone to believe and it will work on a lot of people.

They paint Obama (who supports the killing of babies and the aiding of terrorists) as the Great American Hero who is God's gift to the human race, and then they start reporting all sorts of possible "allegations" against the Pope who was only just elected a few days ago and has only given us cause to love him thus far.

So, when you watch most of the news on TV these days, you aren't only opening yourself to news, you're opening yourself their liberal opinions.  And that's exactly the way they want it because they like having the power to basically decide who runs the country.  That's why you heard so much about Obama during the election, and not so much about Rick Santorum, other than when they were trying to destroy him.  (God forbid we should have a Catholic president....unless he's democrat like JFK, Pelosi, or Biden.  Oops, I hope I'm not maligning JFK by listing him with the other two hacks.)

Is it any wonder why they're complaining about FOX News, in spite of the fact that they're like the only conservative network in existence?  They don't want the slightest thing out there that might conflict with the message they want us to believe.  Almost makes you wonder what other uses Obama has for his drones?  I mean, hey, he benefits from all of this too right?  He's got to have someone out there to make people believe he's still worthy to be president.  Right?

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