Monday, July 8, 2013

The American Noise

Recently, I got the new "Skillet" album called "Rise."  One of the songs on the album, "American Noise," talks about how our society is saturated with noise and how we should break it by doing something worthwhile.

I think that is a very good song for our times because it's true.  You can't go practically anywhere without being subjected to some form of noise!  It's almost frightening sometimes.

About five years ago, our family got rid of our cable.  We definitely have not missed much.  (Frankly, I'm surprised that the idiot box has survived this long, anyway.  If you want to see a TV show or movie you can probably by the DVD, watch it on Netflix, or just find it for free somewhere on the Internet.  Sure beats watching with the commercials.)  How little we've missed was discovered by my dad and brother this afternoon.  They were at the hospital and the TV was showing an episode of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" where the contestant was someone from the show "The View," which is basically a bunch of feminazis sitting around complaining.  The episode features clips of her kissing other women!  Not to mention the fact that she was playing the game to earn money for Planned Parenthood!  Could you possibly do anything else to make me dislike you? Why do we need TVs in hospitals anyway?  In fact, I dare you to tell me a public place without television.

All this to say that we aren't missing anything without the TV.

So why is there so much noise?  I think people are scared.  They're afraid of what they might hear in the silence.  Who knows maybe the reason a lot of Christians complain about not being able to hear the voice of God is  because of all the noise.  It seems a lot of people can't survive without the noise.  (Although, ironically, I'm listening to rock music from "Three Days Grace" while I'm typing this.)  Maybe God's love is what Skillet thinks we need to cut through the American Noise.

Think about it.  How can you expect to talk to or listen to God with all this noise around us?  Now, I know some good noise on occasion can be very helpful.  But we need to get away from it and do something worthwhile.  If you're a Christian (or, I suppose, even if you aren't) turn off the noise and pray or something!  Who knows?  You might even get some tips on how to fix the mess the world has become.


  1. This is a truly awesome post and so much wisdom from youth! You are years ahead of your time, young man.

  2. Excellent word! Very impressed...thank you for sharing and I couldn't agree with you more. The Word of God simply says; "Be still and know that I am God."
    I imagine that even means within our spirits as well.
    I pray this message you shared explodes for all ages to comprehend and do.
    Lord bless!