Friday, January 23, 2015

A Tale of Two Benjamins

(Special thanks to my good friend, Zach, for helping tweak this.)

Once there were two young men, named Benjamin.

The first man was a popular, well-liked young man that everybody respected.  He was very involved with his school and was a very likable fellow that had qualities about him that everyone seemed to find special.  He always seemed to have a kind word for everyone, and when he spoke, everybody listened.  Everybody felt like his friend when they talked to him.

The second Benjamin was a depressed loner.  He could never seem to find happiness, and he never felt truly accepted by anybody.  He spent most of his nights just trying to escape his emotions and, sometimes, resorting to self-harm, sadly.

Popular Benjamin was on top of the world.  He had just been elected president of the student council and was on his way to making the school a better place.  He had also just scored the winning point for his school’s basketball team that night, and there was a rumor going around that he would be the prom king.

Depressed Benjamin sat in his room all alone.  He had been there for three hours watching Netflix to try to escape the world and cutting himself, when the mindless TV comedies didn’t do the trick.  He had just recently started cutting deeper.

Popular Benjamin was elected prom king, as everyone knew he would.  The queen, of course, was the prettiest girl in the whole school, and everybody was certain that there had never been a luckier man in the history of their school.

Depressed Benjamin was fed up.  He was tired of all the hurt, the pain, and the emptiness.  He finally decided to do what he wished he had done a long time ago.  He went into his parents’ bedroom, went into a certain drawer, pulled out the item contained inside, and blew his own brains out.

The school was devastated.  Everyone had been so certain that Popular Benjamin had the perfect life and hadn’t a care in the world.  They never would have guessed that he had been dying inside for so long.  He finally revealed his true feelings with a gunshot.


This is me.  This is you.  This is everybody.

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