Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What Are They So Afraid Of?

Pardon my French, but protests are a shit show.  No matter what you're protesting, or how positive/negative the reaction to it is, the purpose of a protest is always to provoke some sort of a reaction.  But, somehow you never expect the reactions to be as childish as they often are.  Take yesterday for example.

I attend the school Franciscan University of Steubenville, which is a Catholic university.  Needless to say, we are a very pro-life school.  So, yesterday, for some reason only God knows, former President and possible future First Husband Bill Clinton came to town to deliver a speech.  You can bet as soon as some of our students in leadership positions heard about it, they immediately formed a pro-life group to go protest at the rally.  I, being a very pro-life person myself, was very excited about it and did everything I had to in order to attend.  (I have no car.)

Anyway, this was a peaceful protest.  There was no standing in the back with signs and screaming at Billy Boy (or calling him a rapist, which Alex Jones is allegedly offering a $5,000 reward to the person who does, FYI), we just stood there with red tape on our mouths with the word "Life" written on them.  At first, the event was pretty...uneventful, actually.  We just stood there listening to what Clinton had to say.  He didn't even really address life.  But, I did notice us getting quite a few looks from the crowd.  We must have gotten at least a little attention because toward the end of the speech, some little woman with an ear-piece (I honestly don't know her role in this.  Maybe she was the event organizer or something) walked up and asked if we were planning to cause trouble.  I believe at some point, she asked us to leave, even though that is completely not within her rights.  Turns out our plan all along was to just stay in the back the whole time and then turn around to face the news cameras at the very end of the speech.  Now Little Woman (hope she doesn't mind me calling her that, we never exactly got on a first-name basis.  My mouth was covered, and I doubt she was in a listening mood anyway) can't stand that, of course.  So, what does she do?  The most immature thing possible.  Since, legally, she can't do a damn thing about us as long as we're not causing any problems, she got her cronies from the rally to stand in front of us and try to block us by waving their signs in our faces.  Keep in mind, their signs were facing away from the cameras, so the cameras couldn't see them.  They were only there as a barrier to us!  Wow, just wow.  And can I just say these people must not be used to opposition because they were terrible at their job.  They were leaving enormous gaps that even the most amateur cameraman could film through.  It was quite laughable, really.  At one point, I even went back further behind my colleagues to make sure the cameras could at least see one person.  Little Woman does not like that one bit.  She first asks, then tells me to go join the rest of them, but I just shake my head, "no."  Now, since as I said before, she can't make me do anything (plus, she's like half my size), she brings over a sign wielding person just for me!  Boy, do I feel special.  Eventually, we all left...but not before one of our naysayers actually started pushing one of my friends!  I'm glad I wasn't there to see that part.  I might have become very unpeaceful, and that wouldn't have helped our cause...


Sorry, I couldn't resist.  

And don't worry, I have no intention of pulling a Pureflix here and acting like all liberal pro-choicers are like this.  I'm saying these particular people were behaving like children and it's disgraceful.  Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against opposition, as apparently they do.  I welcome discussion.  Granted, I may not always be the most polite person once the discussion gets heated, and I'm working on that.  But I do believe people should have the right to oppose me.  But that's not what was going on here.  These people weren't offering opposing viewpoints.  They were just doing everything in their power to silence our voices, or lack thereof.  Think about it, they were worried about people standing like statues with tape on their mouths?  What, even...

And I would guess these are the same people who would tell you how "intellectual" and "tolerant" they are compared to the rest of us less-enlightened masses.  They have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are the opposite of that!  And the cameras couldn't even see their signs, like I said.  Their only interest was silencing our voices (so to speak).  Like Steven Crowder once said to SJW protesters attempting to disrupt his panel, "You're not fighting for free speech.  You're not fighting for rights.  You're fighting for the right to be a pussy and not hear opinions you don't like!"

So, if you reading this were one of these detractors, or you feel you would have done something similar, I ask you this:  What are you so afraid of?  What sort of threat does a harmless, silent protest pose to you and your kind?  Most importantly, would you be open to a dialogue about our differing viewpoints?  If you're reading this and want to talk it out like adults, comment below and we'll be in touch.  I hope I could reach some sort of middle ground with these people, but I'm not optimistic, to be honest.


  1. Liberals are such a joke. It's just so pathetic. Also, good article! Wish I could've been there David, too much homework!

  2. David, I am very proud of you and your group! THAT is the type protest that will make your point.

  3. I guess the main issue is, when you really want to believe something, and that's your end goal, rather than truth, you will try to alter reality to make it fit. From as small as not listening to people who disagree with you, to shaming and attacking things that upset this view, to outright dangerous actions that endanger lives, people will go to absurd lengths to preserve what they have decided is true.

    I feel like it's a destination first pov. They don't care that walking across the continent leaves them in California, they are in England and you shut up cause you have no idea what you're talking about! You're not even holding a crumpet, what do you know about England?

    I enjoyed the article, obviously, and I feel like it was such a honest take. You're not demonizing, but you're not pandering or watering down what they did or what you believe either. I'm quite glad you posted the link on fb and all.

    1. Glad you liked it. I really am making an effort to be more balanced when I write things like this. I cringe at some of the things I wrote when I first started this blog...